Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Holy CRAP, yall. SOOO sorry for not updating this in like foreverrrs. School started last month for me and Atoosa's in Australia, so needless to say we're both SUPER UBER busy girls these days. I can't even remember the last time I watched the DC (much less open the TV, honestly). So I have absolutely NO idea what's going on in that little realm. NO. IDEA. But if yall want something Disney-related, well, Atoosa has a Disney internship at the moment! WOOTWOOT. ^_^ And the "Hiatus!" in the image above is in Disney font (which is pretty much the only reason why I chose it, of course).

So yea... this is a fairly pointless post, really. Just wanted to say we're both still alive and kickin', only ridiculously and insanely too busy to keep up with this right now. So sadly I must say, we'll be on temporary hiatus for probably the rest of the semester.

Lots of love to all our readers out there. We'll be back soon, pinky swears=)

Saturday, August 30, 2008

DC Games '08: Final Updates

I forgot to update about the 4th challenge, sorry guys. Well, basically the French dude from the Yellow Team pwn'ed everyone else. So they took first, Red-2nd, then Blue and Green tied 3rd (only because Green won the mini round). Demi Lovato and the JoBros performed. Was really sweet of Joe and them to give props to Demi after the song was over, but um, Demi could've given props back to the JoBros (ya know, since that's kinda polite) but she didn't. She just stood there and was like "yay me!" So meh.

As for the last challenge, did anyone think the challenge itself went wayyyy too fast?? I thought it'd be much longer. Well, Red took the whole pie. Then Yellow-2nd, Green-3rd, and Blue-4th. I felt so sorry for the British dude who got his backpack stuck in the teeny bicycle. Also feel sorry for the Green Team, they're the only team that never won 1st place for any of the challenges. Aww. So total final scores: Red got the cup of course, Yellow-2nd, then Green and Blue tied for 3rd. And all 4 charities each got $25,000. Miley Cyrus presented the Inferno with an award or something, I guess. Dunno, wasn't really paying attention but she left as quickly as she came (LOL at Selena Gomez clapping all unenthusiastically when she came on). Oh, and the Cheetah Girls performed twice ("Dance Me If You Can" and "One World"). That's about it, I think.

Well, here are some random fun facts from Wiki (which is where I get most of my DC Games updates):
- Brenda Song is so far the only Disney Channel star up until this point to have been a captain for the DC Games every single year for the past 3 years. Also she's been the captain for the Red Team last year.
- Cole Sprouse is the only Disney Channel star to return to the same team all 3 years.
- Shin Koyamada is the only Disney Channel star to switch teams every year (Red 06, Yellow 07, Blue 08).

Sorry for the short update this time. I've honestly lost interest in the DC Games for the past few weeks. Plus, school has started so my life is uber busy once again. Dunno how often I'll update this, so sorry in advance.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Cheetah Girls 3: Review

First of all, never been a huge fan of the Cheetah Girls eversince (both the movies and the songs). Never been a huge fan of Raven, either, and I don't have much of an opinion for Sabrina Bryan since she's always been pretty bland to me. I did like 3LW, so Adrienne and Kiely are okay in my book, but not really faves. All the 3LW drama was unfortunate, because they did have some pretty good songs. The first two movies were very mediocre to me. This third one seems to be trying too hard to be like HSM (as does another movie, *ahem CAMP ROCK). They should've kept it consistent with the first two movies. The movie was super short, yet it seemed like it'd never end. There was a song outbreak every 5 minutes, which just didn't flow too well. I don't know if this will make sense, but I think if you're going to do a song, it's okay if it's random (it's kind of supposed to be) but at least make it the kind of random that flows with the storyline and the particular scenes. But this was one song after another after yet another and another, so it often felt rushed and out of place at times. Like the very beginning of the movie, for example. I thought it was a bad idea to start the movie right away with the "Cheetah Love" music video, even if it was only Chanel's imagination. It was just weird and confusing. And don't even get me started on the "Dig A Little Deeper" outburst in the restaurant. I'm just going to laugh off the computer tech dude/super-rich prince and the scene where Aqua bumps into him at the same time in the same country in the same city at the same place on the same street walking right next to each other. Same with the "making up" scene where they were only mad at each other for like 3sec. I know it's a must that they lip sync but wow, at least don't make it obvious (see the guys during "I'm The One"). LOL's at how they explained Galleria's absence. (Which, by the way, I didn't really care either way. I know that's a popular topic, but like I said, not a big fan of Raven. It's weird for me, though, seeing just the three of them because I was a fan of 3LW, and to me it's like watching 3LW with Sabrina replacing Naturi or Jessica.) Also funny how there were no parents at ALL. And the elephant paranoia. And how they just ended up being extras in the end. One scene just jumped onto the other, with that feeling where there were loads of fairly obvious scenes that were skipped but you still sort of wanted to see anyway. The romances were ridiculous. Aqua and Amar (aka Kevin 347) were a bit awkward (maybe because he looks so much younger than her even though in reality he's only one year younger). You can tell what Vik's intentions were with Chanel (can yall say implants?!). Rahim and Gita were probably the only realistic romance, but the dorkiness was a tad overexaggerated. I laughed every time Do's phone rang and it said "Spain" was calling. Speaking of Sabrina, I have to admit that both her acting and singing have improved a LOT. Raven has been doing the acting thing for about as long as the Olsens, and she's a natural singer with loads of range. Adrienne and Kiely have been in the music biz for a really long time now. Sure Sabrina's more of a dancer than anything else, but her acting and singing have been pretty bland so far. The solos were.. oh, wait. There was just one solo. I guess now that Raven's gone, it's obvious who the new leader is. Again, it's just like 3LW to me, since Adrienne was always the top chica. The Indian guys were okay; yes of course they were good looking, but that's pretty mandatory and expected (again with the superficiality and the business). I hate to say it, but the main Indian characters were all very American-like. Both Vik and Amar had American accents. Rahim and Gita had subtle Indian accents. The only ones who had fairly strong Indian accents were Vik's uncle and Vik's friend who accompanied him during the auditions. By the way, the guy who plays Vik isn't even Indian and I find that pretty freakin' hilarious. Sadly, I was fooled. I've never seen any Bollywood films and don't know anything about Bollywood, so I don't know how TCG3 compares with Bollywood.

Overall it was a bleh movie, not much of a storyline, same old conflicts and ending, and the songs are just so-so. It was very pretty, though. And the girls look very pretty, but I wish they didn't overload the makeup so much. Less is more, girls. Oh, and someone please tell me why there will be a fourth movie?! And Raven's returning?? Yea, sure, we'll see. I find it a bit hard to believe, only because of her pride. I actually don't find it hard to believe that she might consider it, since her recent album got like zippo promotion thus "flopped" (but I heard it was pretty good) and she really hasn't done much on her own after TCG except College Road Trip, and I heard that wasn't exactly a masterpiece. That's been about it for her. I know about the supposed drama between her and the rest of the girls (doesn't surprise me if they're true since she seems just as bossy in real life) but based on TCG3, it doesn't seem like there's a lot of bitterness due to some scenes like Do smiling and flipping through the photo album with all four girls (pics from the first two movies) and when they explained Galleria's absence, it wasn't really expressed badly.
But whatever, we'll see I guess. This review has gone long enough, and I'm getting tired of talking about this, so I'll end it here.

Okay, so after TCG3 premiered like a few more times this weekend (the sing-along, the whatever-along, etc), I have to admit that the songs MAY have grown on me a bit and they're not as bad as I expressed above. And honestly, I like these songs SO much better than the songs from the first two movies. I can tolerate them, and I also like them a LOT better than Camp Rock (the only Camp Rock songs I'll admit to liking are "This Is Me," "Gotta Find You," and naturally the Joe/Demi duet). I like the slower-ish songs from TCG3, but I've always liked slower cheesy ballads eversince (see aforementioned Camp Rock songs). If it has a sweet melody, I'll probably like it, regardless how cheesy the lyrics are. But anyway, I feel kinda bad for TCG3 after seeing its rating on IMDb (4.6 - ouch). Then again, I'd probably rate it about the same, 5.0 at the most. TCG2 was also, ironically, rated a 4.6 (but that's after a thousand-something votes whereas TCG3 has only had about a hundred), and that was even with Kenny Ortega's help. And TCG1 was a 3.6, so really in the large scale of things, all three movies have been pretty consistent. I honestly don't see how any TCG movie will get a higher rating (at least past a 5.0) ever. But as long as some people out there still enjoy them, then hey, that's all that counts I guess.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

DC Games '08: Update

*yawn* Sooo... not much to update about the 3rd ep of the DC Games.

Brian Stepanek is SUCH a weirdo, I'll just throw that out there. To me, his humor is like a mixture of lame and creepy, with a dash of "I don't get it/That's not funny." But at least he's a bit more normal than his character, Arwin. If only we got to see a closer (and longer) close-up of the baby pics, then maybe I might find something to make fun of, *ahem* I mean, talk about. Oh, but I have to say. At one point, somebody mixed up a white, blonde baby with a black baby, and to that I say: HAHAHA. Okay, and as for the "drama" about Alyson Stoner switching teams... um, yeaaa, k, whateverrr. Like they'd actually allow that sort of thing to happen anyway. And the supposed "alliance" between Blue and Green is sooo believable too. Same goes with the JoBros feud. And whatever other feuds that are supposedly going on behind-the-scenes.

Maybe it's just me, but I'm so amused by how much they all try to convince us that everything is "real" that it ends up coming off as fake and over-the-top because they're trying too hard to make it as real as possible. If that makes any sense. The day I believe it's all real might be when I hear a slip of a curse word or see actual physical throwdown. But we all know that will never ever happen because it's the freakin' Disney Channel, and we're supposed to buy into the fact that every single DC star is an angel. *insert sarcastic remark of your choice*

Almost forgot to add. Jordan Pruitt performed "My Shoes." She's alright, I guess. Looks like pre-trainwreck Brit, only with an obviously better voice and range. Also, the international food thing gave me majorrr flashbacks of my St. Agnes days. I loved those Diversity/Multi-Cultural weeks, only because of the free food. Yall KNOW they were talking crap about the other people's foods. And what's with all the hate on the Asian food?? So freakin' what if its name is Stinky Tofu, grow up.

Well, I guess for those who are interested, I should probably spit out some relevant facts. Red Team won 1st, Blue-2nd, Yellow-3rd, and Green-4th. Overall totals: Blue and Red are tied at 40, and Yellow and Green are tied at 35. Pretty ironic. I was bored and tried to find some pattern while looking at the score board (to see if anything was obviously "fixed") but nada. But I did notice that all the teams have landed last place at one point except for the Red Team (they've been in 1st place and 3rd place twice). Only two more challenges to go, so we'll see who takes it.

Oh and don't forget: TCG3 premieres next Friday (8/22). Honestly never been a real TCG fan, so I'm only watching it for you guys.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Studio DC/DC Games: Reviews

Quickie post... too lazy to upload pics or anything fancy-like, just wanted to share my opinions on some things.

Today I watched Studio DC and just as I suspected, my first impression was spot on. I HATED IT. So okay, yeaa, it's different, unique, original-ish I guess. It was sooo ODD though. I was so incredibly confused and a bit uncomfortable all throughout. It was SO random and disorganized. It went from one random scene to the next. Had no idea what in the world was going on at any point in time. The Sprouse twins were the hosts (by the way, although they DID grow a few more inches, they still look like they're 12). The musical guests consisted of the infamous father-daughter duo, those 3 brothers everyone is gaga over, and Tizz. The script is just bleh, and the Muppets were kinda annoying after all. I won't go into too much detail for those who want to see and judge for yourselves. This is definitely not my kind of show, but I do have to admit it's a good, clean, fun show for the kiddies.

Also, saw the 2nd episode of the DC Games the other day. Um, the cheer-off competition they had was so LAME and immature. We're definitely seeing more catiness amongst everyone, especially with the JoBros, but who knows how much of that is staged and whatnot. Holy CRAP at making some of them blindfolded. And okay, at first I thought they'd all be literally tied by the wrists but they were just holding on to the ropes, which I guess is more difficult. Well, flash forward and the Yellow Team won, 2nd-Green, 3rd-Red, 4th-Blue. The Green Team is leading overall, followed by the Yellow and Blue Teams tied, and lastly the Red Team. By the way, I read on Wiki that Brenda Song has been the only DC star to be Team Captain every single year since the Games started back in '06, and this is the 2nd time she's been the captain for the Red Team (the other being the Blue Team in '06). Hmm, interesting. At least no one can say DC is racist or anything, lol.

Oh, how I hate to admit this, but I need to get it out. So the JoBros performed "Burnin' Up" at the end, and for all of yall reading this blog, yall know I'm not a fan at all. But there was this one move that Nick did very early on with the microphone (he like flipped it with one hand) that I honestly thought, for just one second, was, well.... kind of HOT. OMG, I can't believe those thoughts even crossed my mind. Same when Joe went on his tippy toes for a couple seconds during the one lyric. Gah, what is WRONG with me?!
I am disgusted with myself now. Nick is practically a decade younger than me, plus he's the same age as my little brother. Well all three of them are a lot younger than me. Sheesh. But yea, as pervy as it is, I have to give Nick some credit. Out of the three guys, that boy's swag is definitely on-point. Next up on the swag scale is Joe. Sorry, but Kevin just does NOTHING AT ALL for me. It'd be SO much better if they didn't all wear such freakin' tight skinny white pants all the time (*coughJOEcough*) or fold up the ends of their said skinny tight pants in a really fruity sort of way (*coughNICKcough*).

One last thing before I sign out. Referring back to the previous post about Selena and her thing for older men, I give yall a third example: Homegirl has a major crush on Shia LaBeouf (Source: IMDb). Sweetie, stick to guys your own age! And don't fall for the bad boys! ...Ha, I should be taking my own advice, LOL.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

DC Games '08, Demi/Selena News, & Some Other Stuff

1) Disney Channel Games 2008

I just now saw the first episode of the DC Games. This is the first time I've ever watched the games, so bare with me.

So quickie recap of the first ep: All 37 DC stars on the bus, all giggly and cheerful (you can even hear someone say "Oh, I LOVE that show!!" HAHA). And ooo, I totally spotted Selena Gomez all cozy next to Nick Jonas (*points and laughs at Slimey*). So once they all get there, Brian Stepanek (aka Arwin from The Suite Life) makes the intros, meets and greets with the stars, and shows them all the shiny winner's cup. Then he reveals who's on which teams. The Sprouse twins supposedly missed the bus and are seen trying to rush getting to the games in a limo, thus missing the entire first challenge. Speaking of the first challenge (the "Chariot of Champions"), I would've felt pretty darn retarded if I had to do that. It honestly looked really hard to put all those pieces together! I would've been like, "Yall, seriously?? Do I LOOK like a mechanic to you?!" LOL. But I guess it's good that they not only test physical strength, but mental as well.

Anyway, Team Blue won first round (and besides the 20 pts awarded to them, also had happy hour in the muy special club tent). Then Green took 2nd, Red-3rd, and Yellow-4th. Oh, and Miley Cyrus performed her new song, "Breakout," but I hit the *mute* button so don't ask me how it was, I was just happy she wasn't actually playing in the games (and I bet SHE is too, considering her supposed "rival" is all up on her ex-man, LOL).

Other performers will include Jordan Pruitt (singing "One Love"), Jonas Brothers ("Burnin' Up" and "SOS"), The Cheetah Girls ("Dance Me If You Can," "One World," and "Cheetah Love"), and Demi Lovato ("That's How You Know," "Get Back," and "This Is Me" with Joe Jonas).

For more backstage/info/etc, go to the main DC Games site for the Inside Track: Overtime, hosted by Meaghan Jette Martin and Cody Linley. Oh, and just to warn yall if you haven't been to the site yet: be prepared to get DIZZY when you visit the teams and player profiles. Looks super nifty, but mannn I got DIZZY!

I had no idea they were playing these games for charity, that's nice. The charities are: Make-A-Wish Foundation (Red Team), Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation (Blue Team), UNICEF (Yellow Team), and Boys & Girls Club of America (Green Team).

By the way, if any of yall are curious as to who's all in what teams and when they're showing the next episodes, here ya go:

There'll only be 5 events featured, starting from July 27 to August 30 (the 2nd episode will air August 2, the 3rd on August 9, the 4th on August 16, and the 5th on August 30). Or, for a more detailed list of US airings, please refer here:

The Cyclones (Green Team)
David Henrie (Team Captain)

Joe Jonas

Chelsea Staub
Jason Dolley

Jennifer Stone

Dylan Sprouse
Brad Kavanaugh (UK)

Maria Clara Alonso (Argentina)

Ambra Lo Faro (Italy)

The Lightning (Blue Team)
Kiely Williams (Team Captain)

Demi Lovato
Alyson Stoner

Cole Sprouse
Shin Koyamada (Japan)

Isabella Soric (Germany)

Roshon Fegan

Roger Gonzalez (Mexico)

Muhammad Farez Bin Juraimi (Singapore)

The Inferno (Red Team)
Brenda Song (Team Captain)

Nick Jonas
Jasmine Richards

Ana Maria Perez de Tagle

Mitchel Musso
Adrienne Bailon
Jason Earles

Jake T. Austin

Deniz Akdeniz (Australia)

Rafael Baronesi (Brazil)

The Comets (Yellow Team)
Kevin Jonas (Team Captain)

Selena Gomez

Kyle Massey
Sabrina Bryan
Moises Arias

Kunal Sharma (TCG3)

Andrea Guasch (Spain)

Yi-Chun Chou (Taiwan)
Martin Barlan

Oy, wayyy too many people from the DC Games to tag. I really want to find pics of the teams, even just the team logos would be great, but it's so hard to find any. And even when I DO stumble upon some, I can never tell which year they're from.

2) Miscellanous Reminders/Upcoming Projects

- DC Games '08: Episodes
The second episode will premiere this Saturday, August 2 at 8/7c.
Episode 3 = Saturday, August 9
Episode 4 = Saturday, August 16
Episode 5 = Saturday, August 30

- Studio DC: Almost Live
The premiere for this (really weird) show is this Sunday, August 3 at 8/7c.

- 3-Minute Game Show
So here's another (blegh) new-ish show hosted by M
eaghan Jette Martin.
It premieres on Saturday, August 9 at 9/8c.
Um, I honestly don't know what in the world this is, nor do I care that much. Apparently it's a game show, and it's 3 minutes long. Supposedly there was a HSM edition of this last year, but I never heard about it. But this year it's the Camp Rock edition and that's pretty much where my attention span stopped during the promo. Sorry.

- The Cheetah Girls: One World
For all those TCG fans out there who surely already know, The Cheetah Girls 3: One World premieres on Friday, August 22 at 8/7c.
Still a bit far but we're seeing more and more promos for this lately so I thought I might as well throw that in too.

3) Princess Protection Program

Famous BFFs, Selena Gomez & Demi Lovato, have a new movie coming out in January 2009 called, Princess Protection Program. Reminds me an awful lot like ABCFamily's original movie that premiered earlier this year, Princess.
Anyway, there are LOTS of cast/outtake pics here: It's like the 5th post down.

So, uh, about that pic. That is SOME gown. What's with the red/blue sash thing?? Anyhow, she looks exactly like Belle from Beauty & the Beast! Sorry couldn't find any teaser posters or anything yet. Hopefully there'll be some next time there's an update post on this.

Not to sound racist, but you know how Demi Lovato usually always looks very Caucasian?? Same with Selena Gomez. I mean, if I had no idea what their names were, I'd honestly think they were BOTH white. Maybe it's just me, but for the very first time Demi looks fairly Hispanic in that pic. Both Demi and Selena are typically Caucasian-looking, yet they do still acknowledge their Hispanic and Mexican heritage, respectively. In WoWP, Selena's character is half-Mexican. And in PPP (not to be confused with Potter Puppet Pals, LOL), Demi's character's name is Princess Rosalinda. Also, let's not forget her Camp Rock character's last name of Torres.

I'm not dissing, don't get me wrong. I'm just simply acknowledging a fact that you rarely see nowadays. So many mixed stars acknowledge and emphasize ONLY half of their heritage and completely ignore or disregard the other half. Not mentioning any names, but some celebs who are half black and half white only "act more black" or vice versa. Same with those who are half Asian and half white, etc. I'm not Mexican or Hispani
c, and I may not be a huge fan of either girl, but good for them for not being ashamed of their roots.

4) Another Cinderella Story

Also in the aforementioned site are info and pics from Selena's new movie, Another Cinderella Story (aka A Cinderella Story 2), which comes out on DVD, September 16.

Straight to DVD?? Hmm. And it says on IMDb that the release date is September 4, but I guess it got pushed back. I don't really blame them. LOL at the tagline ("Dancing Ever After") and totally say WHATTT at the storyline?! Instead of dropping the phone, she drops her iPod. Oh, and she's a dancer. So basically, Another Cinderella Story = a G-rated Step Up + A Cinderella Story. Wayyy original.

I'm surprised that Drew Seeley is in it. He's like HOW much older than Selena?? A DECADE?!?! Literally, they're exactly a decade apart. Just, EWWW. Seriously. Homie's 26, and she JUST turned 16 (last week, to be exact). That'd be like kissing your best friend's older brother. Wait, no, not even your best friend's older brother. Your best friend's oldEST brother who just finished medical school and is house hunting and getting ready to start his residency in another state while YOU just barely started high school. Meh.

Oh, and I JUST found out that in Princess Protection Program, Selena's character's love interest is 7 years older than her in real life (this dude named Robert Adamson). What is UP with all these OLDER men?! =/

5) Oh, The Tizz...

LOL at Ashley Tisdale. Another tidbit from that site I mentioned above: about 2nd to last post it quotes Tizz saying how much she wants to shed her goody-good image and do more "racy" and "edgy" projects in the near future, a lot like how Jessica Biel broke out after 7th Heaven and did those, well, very naughty pics. =/ Oh, and kids... if you don't know what I'm talking about, just smile and move on. Yeakthx:)

Seriously, I canNOT picture Tizz in that light. Even though she is very well at a reasonable age to do such things if she wants, and I DO think she should grow up a little and stop acting like the tweeny that she NO LONGER IS (homegirl is 23 for goodness sakes, NOT 15!!). But to go in that drastic route is probably a bit too much, and I hope she doesn't go overboard. First, Maxim, and then what?? =/ Too many DC stars go bad nowadays, especially the really young ones, and it'd be a shame to see that happen to Tizz.


Thursday, July 24, 2008


Whoo, long time no post!! So okayyy... what's new?! Besides the fact that summer's almost over. =/ I don't know about yall, but I'm pretty freakin' ready for the fall sem to start. I've been SO bored for the past two months; this has been the absolute most unproductive summer everrr.

Anyway, so I barely ever watch DC anymore. The only time I catch DC is whenever my younger brother turns it on right before we go to bed (which is like around 3-5am) because he likes watching the cartoons (Lilo & Stitch, The Little Mermaid, Dave The Barbarian, The Emperor's New School, Kim Possible, etc). But here are a few blips I've caught lately:

1) Disney Channel Games '08
I seriously could've sworn these premiered already, but nope. The other day I saw a promo that said it premieres this Sunday, July 27 at 8/7c.

By the way, not sure if that pic is from this year or last year. But still. LOL at all the poses and randomness of it all. I'm easily amused, what can I say.

2) Wizards of Waverly Place: Wizard School

Um, yea. So they're coming out with WoWP's first DVD on July 29.

It'll have 90 min. of 4 episodes (Disenchanted Evening, Curb Your Dragon, Wizard School Part I, & Wizard School Part II), also including exclusive cast interviews, backstage and
behind the scenes features like "Work It Like A Wizard," and much more.

I'm honestly quite surprised about this. I didn't think WoWP was THAT huge of a hit that they'd actually come out with a DVD for it. Or maybe they're just TRYING to make it a bigger hit, just like what they've been trying to do with everything else on DC nowadays (ie Camp Rock, The Cheetah Girls 3, etc).

3) Studio DC: Almost Live!
Uhh, I don't really know
what the heck this is and what weirdo (on happy juice) came up with it, but apparently it's like this new variety show that premieres on Sunday, August 3 at 8/7c. I only saw like a fraction of the promo for this last night, and I got immediately turned off by it, but that's just me and my old age creeping in I guess.

It's basically the Muppets with a bunch of the DC stars like Miley Cyrus, Ashley Tisdale, Jonas Brothers, and the Sprouse twins. There will be singing, dancing, comedy sketches, backstage antics, etc. Miley Cyrus and the Electic Mayhem will perform her song "GNO" (what kind of song name is that?! and besides, never heard of it but don't really care either way), Ashley Tisdale and Kermit the Frog will perform "Bop To The Top" (LMFAO!!), Miss Piggy will attempt to join the JoBros by convincing them she's a long-lost Jonas sister (pfff uh huh okayyy), Kermit and Gonzo will join the cast of The Suite Life for a comedic skit (err?), and many more.

Oh how I wish I was joking about all this, but if yall don't believe me, just go here:

4) Picture This!
I know this is like SUPER late and I'm sure yall have seen it already, but I just thought I'd throw it out there since it IS Disney-related and it wasn't mentioned on here yet.
[EDIT: Apparently I DID mention it already. And just ONE post ago. Oy, I'm going senile, I swearrr.]

This movie is like the most ridiculous movie EVERRR. Seriously, there are countless "say WHAT?!" moments throughout. Though I must say, as ridiculous as it is, it IS entertaining. I like to think that it's one of those movies that doesn't take itself too seriously. I'm just still surprised I found that picture of the DVD, as well as the fact that there WILL be a DVD coming out for this. Just, wow.

Oh, and I just wanna say... I never thought that Robbie Amell was that hot in Life With Derek, but he certainly does look mucho yummy in this movie. Especially in that scene where he comes out of the pool. *drools* LOL at the "Adonis" ref. And LMAO at "I will deflower you in the shower in my tower" HAHAHA, classic! Oh, those Canadians. Gotta love 'em.

Also another side note: LOL at Tizz's name in WAY huger font than the actual movie title.


Alrighty, that's about all for now I guess! Enjoy the rest of yalls summer!!! :)